PKSG response to REF consultation

PKSG has submitted a statement in response to the consultation as part of the Lord Stern review of the Research Excellence Framework

Post-Keynesian Economics Reading List

The PKSG reading list provides introductory and advanced readings for those interested in post-Keynesian economics. The readings cover various topics and include journal articles, book chapters and books. The reading list is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for academics who wish to incorporate post-Keynesian economics into their teaching. The list has purposefully been kept short, but tries to give a broad overview of the richness of post-Keynesian economics. The reading list is structured by thematic headings and we suggest a few readings for each topic. The list is not comprehensive and unavoidably excludes some important readings. Additional valuable sources can be found in the reference lists of the suggested readings.

Visit the Research Seminars and Recent Events pages for dozens of audio downloads and supporting material. For more historical material:

Richard Kahn on The Scourge of Monetarism (11 December 1987)

The Keynes Video: John Maynard Keynes 1883-1946: Life, Ideas, Legacy