Summer School: An Introduction to Post-Keynesian Analysis

University of Toronto (CA)

Room , Larkin Building, 15 Devonshire Place
23 Jun 2017 9 a.m. –25 Jul 2017 1 p.m.


FRIDAY, June 23, 2017

9h15: Welcome address

Louis-Philippe ROCHON (Laurentian University, Canada)


9h30 – 10h30: What is post-Keynesian economics?

Louis-Philippe ROCHON (Laurentian University, Canada)


10h30 – 11h00: Coffee Break


11h00 – 12h30: The role of fiscal policy and the state in post-Keynesian theory

Mario SECCARECCIA (University of Ottawa, Canada)


12h30 – 13h45: Lunch


14h00 – 15h30: The role of debt in post-Keynesian economics: Real and financial components

Joelle LECLAIRE (SUNY- Buffalo State, USA)


15h30 – 16h00 Coffee Break


16h00 – 17h30: Some theoretical roots of post-Keynesian economics

Robert DIMAND (Brock University, Canada)


10h30-11h00: Coffee Break


11h00 – 12h30: Post-Keynesian theories of income distribution

John SMITHIN (York University, Canada)


12h30-13h45: Lunch


14h00-15h30: A history of central banking 

MatÍas VERNENGO (Bucknell University, USA)


15h30-16h00: Coffee Brek


16h00 – 17h30: A post-Keynesian approach to development: The case of Africa

Salewa ’Yinka OLAWOYE (Ryerson University, Canada)


SUNDAY, June 25, 2017

9h00 – 10h30: The importance of interdisciplinary research in post-Keynesian economics

Guillaume VALLET (University of Grenoble – Alpes, France) and Nicolas ZORN (University of

Montréal, Canada)


10h30 – 11h00: Coffee Break


SATURDAY, June 24, 2017

9h00 – 10h30: A history of endogenous money/monetary policy in post-Keynesian analysis

Louis-Philippe ROCHON (Laurentian University, Canada)


11h00 – 12h30: An introduction to mathematics for heterodox economists

Matheus GRASSELLI (McMaster University, Canada)



Registration: $50 US includes all coffee breaks

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Organising committee

Organized by Louis-Philippe Rochon

Sponsored by The Review of Keynesian Economics