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2017: Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics and Political Economy

Kingston University

Room None, KT1 2EE, Kingston upon Thames
5 Jul 2017 6 a.m. – 7 Jul 2017 midnight, Kingston University

Political Economy Research Group (PERG) at Kingston University, Kingston University Rethinking Economics (KURE) and the Post Keynesian Economics Study Group (PKSG) are organising an introductory workshop to Post-Keynesian economics and Political Economy. The aim of the workshop is to give interested students an opportunity to learn about alternative approaches to economics beyond the neoclassical mainstream. 


Organising committee:

Ewa Karwowski, Kingston University, John Smith, Kingston University Rethinking Economics (KURE), Engelbert Stockhammer, Kingston University, Rafael Wildauer (email: r.wildauer@kingston.ac.uk), Kingston University, Gary Dymski, Leeds University