John Woods

Retired, formerly of Trinity College (IE)


Recent Publications:

On the relation between money- and time-weighted rates of return and its implications, Journal of Performance Measurement, 2018, 23(1): 6-11.

J. M. Keynes' influence on institutional portfolio management, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, 2018, 41(1): 56-82.

The place of portfolio management in the Keynesian canon, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2018, 42(1): 231-257.

On the political economy of UK pension scheme regulation, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2017, 41(1): 147-180.

On equity markets, long-term decision making and performance metrics, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2016, 40(3): 775-796.

Note: Pasinetti's counter-factual hypotheses, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2013, 37(6): 1431-1435.

On Keynes as an investor, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 2013, 37(2): 423-442.


Letters to the Press:

Opinionated auditors are the last thing we need, Financial Times, 24 October 2018.

Notion of a 'natural' rate recalls wisdom of Keynes, Financial Times, 7 December 2017.

Market works well ... in some cases, Financial Times, 8 July 2014.

Research interests

Finance Portfolio Theory And Practice.