Nicholas Jackson

Kingston University


Research interests

Agent-based models Business Cycles Central banking Circuit Theory Complexity Economics Credit Rationing Crisis Cycles Debt Development Finance Dynamics Economic Stability Endogenous Monetary Theory Endogenous Money Equity Markets Eu Neoliberalisation European Monetary Integration Eurozone Exchange rates Finance Finance And Development Finance and expectations financial crisis Financial Fragility Financial instability Financialisation Financialization Financial-Real Macroeconomy Linkages Financial Regulation Financial Stability Financial System fiscal policy Fiscal Policy Functional Finance Fundamental Uncertainty Globalisation Globalization of Finance Heterodox economics Heterodox Economics Input-Output International Finance International Macroeconom International Macroeconomics Kaldor Kalecki Keynes Loanable Funds Theory Long-Term Dynamics Macroeconomic Dynamics Macroeconomic Policy macroeconomics macroeconomics Macroeconomics Macroeconomics dynamics Minsky modelling Monetary And Banking Reform Monetary economics Monetary economics Monetary Economics Monetary Keynesianism Monetary Macroeconomics Monetary Policy Monetary Theory Monetary Theory Of Production Money, Credit and Banking Money, credit & banking Multi-Sectorial Analysis National and Social Accounting Networks Pluralism Post Keynesian Post-Keynesian post-keynesian economics Post Keynesian growth mod Post-Keynesian Growth Models Post Keynesian Theory and Policy Post-Keynesian Theory Pol Progressive Economic Policy public finance Public Finance Public Policy Risk SFC modelling Shackle Stock-Flow consistent Stock-Flow Consistent Modelling Structuralist Theory Sustainability Tax Taxation tax policy Tax Policy Time Uncertainty