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24th Annual Workshop - SOAS, University of London, Friday 30 May 2014

Vernon Square, Room V211, 0930 - 1800 - see detailed final programme as pdf

Engelbert Stockhammer, Kingston University: PKSG Annual Report

Sheila Dow, Stirling: Belief in austerity policies

Ioana Negru, Lord Ashcroft IBS: Critical reflections on Fred Lee's methodology

Andrew Mearman, UWE: Why do students study economics?

Maria Nikolaidi, Athens: Margins of safety and instability in a macrodynamic model with Minskyan insights

Jonathan Perraton, Sheffield: Economic growth in open economies: Balance of payments constrained growth - and beyond?

Ozlem Onaran, Greenwich: The effect of globalization on the distribution of taxes and social expenditures in Europe: Do welfare state regimes matter?

Diarmid Weir: Effective demand and the tax-foundation of money

Sakir Yilmaz, Manchester: Unintended consequences of endogenous money: Turkey's credit bubble and reserve option mechanism

Photis Lysandrou, City University: Financialisation and the limits of circuit theory