Apostolos Vetsikas

University of Thessaly (GR)


  • BSc. in Economics (2010) - University of Thessaly
  • MSc. in Applied Economics (2012) - University of Thessaly
  • MSc. in New Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Development (2017) - University of Thessaly
  • PhD in Economics of Innovation (2024) - University of Thessaly

I was one of the winners of “Chris Freeman’s Centenary Essay Competition”, which was organized by The Chris Freeman Trust and Globelics.

Research Interests:

  • Applied Economics
  • National Innovation Systems
  • Innovation Policy
  • System Dynamics

Selected Publications:

Vetsikas, A. (2024). Assessing the Performance of National Innovation Systems with a Helix-Based Composite Indicator: Evidence from 24 European Countries. Eastern European Economics, 62(1), pp. 18-49.

Mertzanis, C., Pavlopoulos, A., Vetsikas, A., Reppas, D. and Hamill, P.A. (2023). Religion and the financing of corporate investment around the world. International Review of Financial Analysis, 90, 102923.

Vetsikas, A. and Stamboulis, Y. (2023). A conceptual framework for modeling heterogeneous actors' behavior in national innovation systems. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 33(3), pp. 773-796.

Vetsikas, A. and Stamboulis, Y. (2023). Does innovation activity affect trade openness? An ARDL bounds testing approach for 10 European countries. The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 32(1), pp. 163-188. 

Georgatzi, V., Stamboulis, Y. and Vetsikas, A. (2020). Examining the determinants of CO2 emissions caused by the transportation sector: Empirical evidence from 12 European countries. Economic Analysis and Policy, 65, pp. 11-20.

Research interests

Applied Economics Econometrics Innovation Schumpeter