Apostolos Vetsikas

University of Thessaly (GR)


  • BSc. in Economics (2010) - University of Thessaly
  • MSc. in Applied Economics (2012) - University of Thessaly
  • MSc. in New Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Development (2017) - University of Thessaly 

He is PhD Candidate in the field of economics of innovation at the Department of Economics, University of Thessaly (Greece) since 2018.

He was one of the winners of “Chris Freeman’s Centenary Essay Competition”, which was organised by The Chris Freeman Trust and Globelics.

Research Interests:

  • Applied Economics
  • National Innovation Systems
  • Innovation Policy
  • System Dynamics

Selected Publications:

Mertzanis, C., Pavlopoulos, A., Vetsikas, A., Reppas, D. and Hamill, P.A. (2023). Religion and the financing of corporate investment around the world. International Review of Financial Analysis, 90, 102923.

Vetsikas, A. and Stamboulis, Y. (2023). A conceptual framework for modeling heterogeneous actors' behavior in national innovation systems. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 33(3), pp. 773-796.

Vetsikas, A. (2023). Assessing the Performance of National Innovation Systems with a Helix-Based Composite Indicator: Evidence from 24 European Countries. Eastern European Economics

Vetsikas, A. and Stamboulis, Y. (2023). Does innovation activity affect trade openness? An ARDL bounds testing approach for 10 European countries. The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, 32(1), pp. 163-188. 

Georgatzi, V., Stamboulis, Y. and Vetsikas, A. (2020). Examining the determinants of CO2 emissions caused by the transportation sector: Empirical evidence from 12 European countries. Economic Analysis and Policy, 65, pp. 11-20.

Research interests

Applied Economics Econometrics Innovation Schumpeter