Gracjan Robert Bachurewicz

University of Warsaw (PL)


PhD student and teaching assistant at the Department of Banking and Financial Markets (Chair of Financial Systems of the Economy) at Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw. He holds an MA in Econometrics and IT from Faculty of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw. He was a one-year visiting PhD student at University of Groningen.

He won the first award in the X Edition of the President of National Bank of Poland Competition for the best Master Thesis in Economic Sciences defended in 2016.

His research interests lie primarily in the area of modern monetary policy and the theory of monetary macroeconomics. In particular, his research focuses on the interdependencies between monetary policy, the financial system, and real sector of the economy. He is a proponent of pluralism and non-orthodox approaches in economics.

Research interests

Applied Economics Central banking Decision Theory Under Uncertainty Econometrics Endogenous Money Fundamental Uncertainty Monetary Policy