From resilient regions to bioregions: An exploration of green post-Keynesianism

By Molly Scott Cato

PKES Working Paper 1407

July 2014

This paper develops an answer to the question of what constitutes a resilient region (Bristow, 2010) by arguing that the resilient region can be seen as a prototype bioregion. The transition from a proto-bioregion to a bioregion, and thus from proto-bioregionalism to bioregionalism proper, is examined. The paper begins with a review of the existing literature on regional resilience. The authors then explore the possible heterodox theoretical underpinnings of this approach, drawing on post-Keynesian, Marxian and green economy concepts. The paper’s final section extends the theory to a bioregional conclusion, and discusses the policy approaches that might be applied to extend a resilient region into a bioregion.

Keywords: Bioregion, green economy, resilient regions, post-Keynesian

JEL classification: B50 P16 Q57 R10