Shujun Tan

University of Liverpool

Hello, everybody!

My name is Shujun Tan and I was born in Harbin, China in 1999. Now I am an undergraduate student of University of Liverpool and majoring in Economics.

I am interested in the relationship between Post-Keynesian Economics and Marxian Economics. I think to some extent they can be coalesced into one theory on certain topics.

If you want to discuss Economics with me, please fell free and contact with me by sending e-mails. My e-mail address is S.TAN6@STUDENT.LIVERPOOL.AC.UK. Thank you very much!

Research interests

Behavioural Economics Consumer Theory Economics Methodology Game Theory Kaldor Kalecki Marx Marx And Marxism Marxian Economics Marxist Theory Methodology Microeconomics Micro-Foundations Sraffa Theory Of Value Welfare