Introduction to Post-Keynesian Economics

Delivered at Kingston University, London, in July 2013, this course was pitched mainly at graduate students with some prior background in economics. The lectures present post-Keynesian economics as a positive alternative in its own right with the emphasis on macroeconomics.

Lectures on Mankiw's Macroeconomics from a post-Keynesian perspective

Delivered at Cambridge University during November 2013, these lectures present the standard model of the New Consensus on its own merits but from a critical perspective. The lectures were aimed at graduate students with an undergraduate degree in another subject and are at an intermediate level accessible to most economics undergraduates.

Course outline - Supplementary reading list 
  1. Monetary Macroeconomics - audio - slides (ppsx) - slides (pdf)
  2. Aggregate Demand: Consumption and the Keynesian Cross - audio - slides (ppsx) - slides (pdf)
  3. Aggregate Demand: Investment and the IS-LM Model - audio - slides (ppsx) - slides (pdf)
  4. Aggregate Demand: IS-LM and Fiscal and Monetary Policy - audio - slides (ppsx) - slides (pdf)
  5. Aggregate Demand: External Trade - audio - slides (ppsx) - slides (pdf)
  6. Aggregate Supply and putting AD and AS together - audio - slides (ppsx) - slides (pdf)
  7. Policy effectiveness and inflation targeting - audio - slides (ppsx) - slides (pdf)
  8. Origins of recent crises - audio - slides (ppsx) - slides (pdf)

Lectures on Keynes's General Theory

Delivered at Cambridge University during 2008-9, this course of lectures was intended for graduate students interested in a close reading of Keynes's magnum opus.

Based on Hayes (2006) The Economics of Keynes: A New Guide to The General Theory, published by Edward Elgar. The print edition can be purchased for a modest price nicely bound or the raw text can be downloaded free of charge by kind permission of the publisher. 

  1. Necessary preliminaries - audio - slides (pps)
  2. (GT Book I) Two Theories of Employment - audio - slides (pps)
  3. (GT Book II) Measuring income and capital - audio - slides (pps)
  4. (GT Book II) Expectation and output - audio - slides (pps)
  5. (GT Books III & IV) Aggregate Demand I: The Model - audio - slides (pps)
  6. (GT Books III & IV) Aggregate Demand II: The Dark Forces of Time and Ignorance - audio - slides (pps)
  7. (GT Book V) Why wage-cuts will not create jobs - audio - slides (pps)
  8. (GT Book VI) Saving the Free Market from itself - audio