Alberto Botta

University of Greenwich


I am lecturer in Economics at the University of Greenwich (UoG). I am also member of the scientific commettee of the Master program in cooperation and development of the University of Pavia, and I teach economic development and international integration at the University of Bethelehem, Palestine. Before becoming lecturer at UoG, I was a post-doc researcher at the Department of Economics at the University of Pavia. I hold a PhD in economics from the University of Insubria (Italy).  

My research interests are mainly about post-Keynesian structuralist macroeconomic theory: BoP-constrained growth models; capital flows, exchange rate dynamics and financial instability; macro policies in the eurozone and the eurozone crisis; inequality and financialization.

You can find some of my publications on scientific journals such as Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, Metroeconomica, the Review of Political Economy, the Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics, the Review of Keynesian Economics, the PSL Quarterly Review, the International Journal of Political Economy, The Forum for Social Economics, The Brazilian Journal of Political Economy, Journal of Evolutionary Economics and Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Research interests

Structuralist Theory