Danilo Spinola

Birmingham City University


I am an economist currently working as a Senior Lecturer in the Birmingham City Business School.


I perform novel economic research in order to assess the main challenges of economic development. I have experience working with economic growth models. Currently I have been researching innovation processes and their impacts on growth, resilience and structural change using complexity economics methods such as Agent Based Models.


I have a PhD from Maastricht University/UNU-Merit (United Nations University). Furthermore, I am a Senior Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg and an affiliated researcher at Maastricht University and UNU-Merit.

Research interests

Agent-based models Business Cycles Capital-Labor Substitution Classical Political Economy Complexity Economics Consumption and Growth Cycles Development Development Economics Development Macroeconomic Distribution and Growth Econometrics Economic Complexity Economic Development Economic Growth Economic of Keynes Economic Thought Effective Demand Employment Growth and Distribution Heterodox Economics Industrialisation Innovation Input-Output International Development International Economics International Macroeconomics International Political Economy Kaldor Kalecki Keynes Latin American Economics Macroeconomic Dynamics Macroeconomic Stability Micro-Foundations Neo-Schumpeterian Pluralism Post-Keynesian Economics Schumpeter SFC modelling Stock-Flow Consistent Modelling Structural Change Structuralist Macro Structuralist Theory